Just as Sony have dropped news of their upcoming PlayStation Mini, SEGA have announced a delay on the the Mega Drive Mini. Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset…

In a Japanese tweet that we went to great lengths to translate – OK, we clicked the “translate” button – SEGA declared that they have delayed the shrunken version of their powerhouse (at the time) 16-bit machine emulator until sometime in 2019.

In English, that becomes something along the lines of:

“[Announcement] The release of “Mega Drive Mini (tentative name)” announced at Sega Festival 2018 will be changed to 2019. We have been developing for the release this year, in particular, the response from overseas customers is large, and the United States will prepare a model that reproduces “GENESIS” and European version “Mega Drive” in Europe, and will be released at the same time worldwide.”

Mega Drive Mini

In all honesty, as much as we were totally Mega Drive kids, it’s not as easy to get excited about this one as it has been for the two Nintendo mini releases (so far…) and the PlayStation Mini. This is simply because the SEGA Mega Drive Flashback console already exists, as does the SEGA Mega Drive Classics 53-game collection for PS4 and Xbox One (read our review here). As such, most of the classics are already at hand.

Still, if you’re putting together a voodoo-like shrunken console collection, it won’t be complete without the SEGA Mega Drive Mini. Stay tuned for more info.

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