Way back in 1983 the tech world was very different to what it is today. But the movie WarGames presented a scenario that is still relevant. Now it’s gone all 21st century, becoming a cool interactive series.

The original movie introduced much of the world to the concept of computer hacking, something that few are unaware of in our now totally connected age. This tech is utilised in the appropriately modernised title-wise #WarGames, whereby viewers/players have some say in how the story will play out over a series of six episodes.

It’s all about hacker Kelly, who heads up a team of likeminded tech savvy folk who shame public eye types ranging from entertainers to politicians that have dubious morals or dodgy affiliations.

Somewhat reminiscent of throwback full motion video games such as SEGA’s notorious Night Trap, but with a modern tech sprucing-up, #WarGames blurs the lines between TV experience and games, and looks to be an engaging alternative to the likes of Mr. Robot.

It’s been created by British game designer Sam Barlow, the writer of Silent Hill: Origins, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and indie darling Her Story. It’s coming to Xbox One soon, and here’s a taste of it…

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