With all the press conferences out of the way, did anyone win E3?

There’s an overriding feeling amongst the press in Los Angeles that, outside of Microsoft’s Xbox One X console unveiling, publishers played it safe with their respective press conferences this year, announcing games that were, on the whole, mostly known already. The media briefings felt, at times, decidedly underwhelming.

Well, in reflection that’s not entirely true. Ubisoft reeled off a conveyor belt of new and unexpected titles in a shorter than usual press conference that turned up some real surprises.

At the heart of the business is CEO Yves Guillemot, a passionate believer in creativity that feeds down throughout Ubisoft’s extensive web of studios.

The publisher has, rightly so, faced criticism over the last few years for technical issues with some of its titles, but the challenge now will be to ensure that the exciting roster of games shown at its press conference release without any problems.

We’re now literally about to jump in a cab and head to E3 where we’ll be touring both Nintendo and Sony’s booths. More on these later.