When Marvel’s Spider-Man hit the PS4 everybody was raving about it – either because it was (and still is) one of the best games of the year, or because it didn’t seem to have as many puddles as previews indicated.

Seriously. We guess some people have a puddle fetish. It’s even become a meme, as these things tend to do.


While game creators Insomniac claimed that they’d just reduced the size of the various examples of pooled water in the game, many were having none of it.

Anyway, a new update has hit this week for Spider-Man which, as well as adding a new game plus mode for those who are just too awesome at the game, also tweaks the photo mode. Basically, stickers have been added, rotatable, resizeable stickers. Amongst these stickers there are – you guessed it – puddles!

Now everybody can stop whining and puddle up NYC to their heart’s content. Well played, Insomniac, well played!

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