Nintendo spurted out one of their Directs overnight, outlining a whole bunch of detail about upcoming Switch ink shooter Splatoon 2.

If you have a spare 26 minutes and 41 seconds then it’s well worth watching.

If you don’t have that sort of time, here’s a VERY quick summary…

– Inklings can be customised – including eye colour, hair and skin tone

– New fashion styles have been added

– Equipping gear in will give players special abilities – which can be upgraded

– Sub weapons will help players with other abilities, such as defending from attacks or revealing enemy positions

– All special weapons in Splatoon 2 are new

– Turf War returns

– Ranked Battles rotate every two hours

– League Battles allow you to form teams with friends

– New mode ‘Salmon Run’ makes you work together to defeat bosses and collect Power Eggs in a limited amount of time

– Splatfests are planned for the next two years

– Single-player mode – Help find Callie, who’s gone missing

– Additional features ink-lude a menu that lets players change control sensitivity separately for TV and handheld mode, amiibo functionality and the ability to post drawings directly to social media.

– Post-launch updates will add new weapons, new gear and additional stages

– Mobile app SplatNet 2 will help players stay in touch with Inkopolis, even when they’re away from their Switch systems

Splatoon 2, exclusively for Nintendo Switch, splats down on July 21.

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