If you’ve ever wanted to boldly go or make it so, Star Trek: Bridge Crew made it possible – if you had PSVR. Now those of us without the peripheral can get their captain on.

Ubisoft have released a free update for the game so that everybody can get in on the action – and there’s a lot of it to be had.

You can become captain, or you and friends the crew, of the USS Aegis, completing mission objectives while exploring an area of uncharted space known as ‘The Trench’. You can also make new friends online as you take on several ongoing missions.

It’s a smart move by Ubisoft, for while PSVR has been rather popular, restricting such a widely appealing game to the niche format seemed a tad illogical. As such, this update to Bridge Crew will likely result in a many a Trek fan being as pleased as Kirk amidst a bevy of space beauties.

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