A long time ago, in a lounge room right behind us we played Street Fighter V on our PS4 – and marvelled at the complete lack of an arcade mode…

“An arcade game with no arcade mode? What dastardly chicanery is this?!” we may have mused, were we alive some 200 years ago in an alternate universe that had steam-powered games consoles. Sure, there were competitive modes – especially online – but not the main thing that actually made Street Fighter Street Fighter.

In time, updates gave us a story mode. It was cool, but you know what we wanted, and now it’s finally here. Yes, after almost two years an arcade mode has been patched into Street Fighter V – and it’s pleasingly feature-packed.

Rather than just one arcadey iteration, Street Fighter V Arcade Edition gives six paths to follow, one each for Street Fighters 1-5, plus the first Alpha. There are other features such as second V-Trigger for each fighter, plus lots of balancing and tidying up has been done generally, including a shiny new UI.

If you already own Street Fighter V on PS4 then all of this is available via a free 14GB update, which is live now.

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