Psychedelic Mad Max-styled future romp Rage 2 is smashing down mid-May, and us Aussies are getting a bonus, because we bloody well deserve it!

‘Straya, mate! Etc.

Ahem. Anyway, internet bloke Ozzy Man, known for his really Aussie commentary on sports, games and other stuff that’s entertaining and, uh, stuff, has warmed up his tonsils and let loose in a special voice pack for Rage 2.

Called You Call That a Wingstick?, it’s gonna be a bloody good price, too, ‘cos it’s gonna be free. Bewdy! Just activate the cheat code and he’ll comment while ya play.

It’ll drop sometime soon after the game, which hits on PS4, Xbox One and PC from May 14.

Here’s a quick sneak peek at it, which carries a friggin’ LANGUAGE WARNING, alright?

Buy now at JB Hi-Fi