With The Incredibles 2 only a few months away now, marketing types are getting busier than The Flash on a caffeine bender. Now a blocky rumour has seemingly been confirmed.

We saw mention of a LEGO game based on The Incredibles in a photo taken from a new LEGO set last week, and now a Canadian retailer has oopsidentally let the pack shots out – before hastily retracting them.

But the internet is a super in its own right, with the images of LEGO The Incredibles speedily snaffled and shared – and we’re continuing that trend.

LEGO The Incredibles

Set to hit on PS4, Xbox One and Switch, the game doesn’t appear to just be based on the new sequel, as there’s no “2” in that there title. Perhaps it’s a mix of both movies? Perhaps it’s an entirely new story? Perhaps we have no idea at all what we’re typing about?

What we do know is that this is the first ever LEGO Disney-Pixar game, and that’s very cool. With their history of both DC and Marvel super games, developers TT Games have plenty of experience in the field.

Let’s just hope this one isn’t as buggy as their last couple of outings…

Meanwhile, The Incredibles 2 is set to explode out of Australian cinemas on June 14.

UPDATE 29/3: As suspected, the game’s release has been confirmed, and our first prediction was right – it will include “unforgettable scenes and action sequences from both Disney•Pixar films”. LEGO The Incredibles will hit on June 15, just one day after the movie.

Here’s a new teaser trailer, which shows absolutely nothing of the game. But it does feature a LEGO Edna Mode!

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