With its myriad shortcuts and hidden exploits, dedicated types have been able to get a speed run of Super Mario Bros. down to just four minutes and 55 seconds. Now that’s been beaten.

Niftski managed to shave 0.3 seconds off to break the 4:55 barrier – a feat that was previously considered “impossible”. You can watch it in the video below, and to say that he’s excited at the achievement would be an undertstatement – and fair enough, too!

He’s not going to retire with this time though. Says the guy himself: “IT HAS FINALLY BEEN DONE! THE 55 BARRIER IS NO LONGER. Huge thanks to everyone who has supported me on this journey. This was my 2nd run ever on this pace into 8-4, so I am blessed to say I finished it out. This is a time I can be proud of for the rest of my life. Also, I don’t plan on stopping here! ;)”

We’re no experts in speedrunning – and it takes us a lot longer to complete Super Mario Bros. – but it should be noted that Niftski appears to be playing via an emulator using a keyboard, not on the original console with its clunky little rectangular controllers. Regardless, great work, Niftski!

Super Mario at JB Hi-Fi.