If you ever needed proof as to why physical media kicks download butt, then this record auction result is it.

A near pristine boxed copy of Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, just sold at auction for US$114,000. In Aussie dollars that’s around $165,000. Gulp!

Games in cardboard packaging such as those for the NES, Super Nintendo and even Nintendo 64 tend not to weather well unless kept carefully, making values for mint or near-mint examples valuable (depending upon the title).

This copy happened to have a cardboard tab at the back for hanging in stores, which was only on very early release copies. This aided in the insane price that somebody with way too much money (yeah, OK, so we’re jealous) could justify spending.

Somehow we suspect that our pack-in, box-free Super Mario Bros. cart isn’t worth quite as much. Well, at least not monetarily.

Mario at JB Hi-Fi.