A new entry in the long-running NFS series is screeching in soon, in the form of Need for Speed Heat.

Being billed as “the ultimate street racer versus cop fantasy”, the pressure’s on for this one, with fans of the series not generally super-jazzed with recent entries.

Judging by the reveal trailer, the story’s just as gloriously dumb as ever – imagine Fast & Furious with a crayon jammed in its ear. Ultimately, however, it’s the racing and customisation action that matters.

Developers Ghost Games are fully aware of the weight of expectation.

“We’re delivering more options than ever before for players to be unique and make themselves known,” says their creative director, Riley Cooper. “Our fans have been clear that they want more cars, more customisation, and more challenges, and we’re tuning up on every aspect. From your character’s style to your car’s performance and your driving style, we’re fuelling everyone’s creativity with this new game.”

We can’t wait to take this one for a test drive, and we’ll be able to do that from November 8 when Need for Speed Heat launches on PS4 and Xbox One.

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Here’s the reveal trailer, and scoot down a little further for a first look at gameplay…