Nintendo’s Switch console is officially the fastest selling console in US history. Now that’s pretty big news.

The console/portable hybrid has sold over 4.8 million units in just 10 months, breaking the record previously set by another Nintendo console, the waggle-wielding Wii. It sold “just” four million units in the same time frame.

Considering how many people were dooming the Switch to an early Wii U-like grave, the unit really has become the little games machine that could, and has really turned around Nintendo’s fortunes while it’s gone about it.

Maybe it’s because the controller looks like a remixed puppy? Or because you can do stuff like this…?

Toastendo Swicth

Probably not, for as with any console, the majority of its success comes down to the game library available. Despite cries of “Where are the games?” from doomsayers about one week following its launch, the Switch library now already boasts some 300+ games from majors and indies alike.

With the year ahead set to include the Switch arrival of Pokémon, along with Bayonetta, Yoshi and Kirby – plus a cavalcade of third party titles – sales aren’t likely to slow too soon. This is despite news that 64GB cartridges won’t be available to software companies until 2019 due to “technical difficulties”.

Better stock up on those microSD cards for all of the massive downloads coming up…

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