Have you ever noticed how some video game takes on everyday things appear to be actually harder than the real thing? Like new classical music Switch game Pianista: The Legendary Virtuoso.

We’ve dabbled with keyboards in our time, and managed to graduate beyond Chopsticks. We can even manage a passable take on New Order’s Blue Monday. Yeah, yeah, yay us – we know. But if we had been really serious about it we’d have trained until our fingers bled to have been able to play some of the classics like a boss. Maybe even with two hands at once…

Which brings us to Pianista: The Legendary Virtuoso. The intent is solid – make a Rock Band styled handheld game that presents 77 pieces of classical music from such old time rock stars as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Tchaikovsky – in fact there are 23 of them in all.

But look at that gameplay! First of all, it’s crazy fast. Not an issue in itself, but what about the button contortions that you need to make in order to hit those crazy speedy notes that are hurtling down the screen – Left! Up! Down! Y! X! A! Two of them at once! ARGH!

We do have a point to all this, so we’ll actually get to it. While those who are already all virtuoso and stuff on piano may find this game a fun diversion, if you’re going to dedicate the time to master a game that looks this complex, why not just learn piano for real?

OK, comment made. Now we’re going back to shredding on Rock Band 4

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