The latest hunk of crazy DLC for Borderlands 3, Bounty of Blood, is now out and about and ready to challenge.

If you have the Super Deluxe Edition of the game or the season pass then it’s already all yours. Otherwise, it’s available as stand alone DLC if you already have Borderlands 3.

Here’s the story: “The sheriff of Vestige on the harsh frontier planet of Gehenna has issued a bounty on the violent, beast-riding Devil Riders gang, and it’s time to collect. The townsfolk are tough as hell and will do what they can to help, but it falls on you to take the fight to the Devil Riders. Put them in the ground so the town can be rebuilt and folks can get back on their feet.”

It’s a good time to be into Borderlands 3, with a free level cap increase having just hit (the maximum is now 60), along with updates to both Mayhem Mode 2.0 and Takedown at the Guardian Breach.

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