Agent 47 is set to make his return in Hitman 2, and this time he’s hitting on the track…

Promising a global adventure ranging from the glitz of motor racing circuits to the dark, danger of rainforests, it’s set to be all open world, so there will be multiple paths to discover and subsequently explore. Through various hit gigs, Agent 47’s main aim will be to hunt down the elusive Shadow Client and unravel his militia once and for all. Add to this an apparent prevously hidden truth from his past, and things really start to sound interesting.

Co-op will hit the Hitman series for the first time, in the standalone “Sniper Assassin” mode. Two players will be able to work together online to take down their targets (or if you like to go it alone then that will be cool too).

“We are very proud to announce Hitman 2 as the next exciting chapter in our ever-expanding world of assassination,” said Hakan Abrak, the CEO of developers IO Interactive. “Building on the success of our previous game, Hitman 2 introduces exciting new features, new modes and franchise firsts to make for a larger and richer game.”

Update: We got our steady-as-a-rock hands on it at E3 – check out our rundown here.

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