Some of Australia’s biggest content creators have all come together under the one roof in Sydney – meet Click. 

Click Management – an Australian gaming talent agency – have recently joined forces with NRG – an international esports phenomenon – to throw a bunch of Aussie gaming influencers into a ridiculously expensive house in Sydney.

The house is home to Muselk, Loserfruit, Bazza Gazza, Crayator, Lazarbeam, Lachlan, and Prestige, with viewership between the seven of them racking up over 700 million views a month.

Click’s new residency will enable the content creators to still fulfil their own personal quotas whilst also collaborating on special events, streams, and podcasts. Each of the streamers have their own rooms and setups, and the team are working on putting together a regular podcast and doing some more variety streams.

Of the collaboration with NRG, Muselk says: “This is an incredible opportunity to put Australia on the map in the global gaming scene. We’ve always been home to some of the most talented gaming content creators, and with Click we’ve been given the opportunity to take this to the next level.”

If you want to know what it’s like in the life of one of our country’s biggest content creators, you can check out Muselk and friends in the Click house walkthrough below.