With the PS5 and Xbox Series X still due this year, many have been tempering any excitement, expecting only incremental change.

To be honest, while we’re excited for this new generation, we’ve been amongst those trying not to get too hyped. A new demo of Epic Games’s Unreal Engine 5, however, has us quite excited indeed.

Unreal Engine may have started life as the backbone of a first-person shooter franchise, but it has evolved over four iterations to power games of all manner of genres. But we’ve seen nothing like that which features in the demo video, running on a PS5, that dropped overnight. If this sort of thing can be pulled off in games rather than just tech demos then we’re in for quite a treat with this next generation of games – once Unreal Engine launches late in 2021.

Epic’s technical director of graphics Brian Karis and special projects art director Jerome Platteaux guide us through the demo for an in-depth look at what they’ve dubbed Lumen in the Land of Nanite, which highlights some incredible tech, with literally billions of polygons onscreen at once, incredibly realistic lighting, cool water physics and even tweaks to how sound is presented in-game.

It just may be time to get more excited about what the future has in store for us…