Gears 5 is revved up and almost ready to go, and this year’s E3 Xbox briefing gave us a taste of a whole new addition to the franchise, Escape.

We may have lost the “of War” bit, but from everything that we’ve seen so far we certainly haven’t lost any of the insane action, or that special Gears charm. Great news? Gears 5 is set to drop soon – on September 5.

While the main campaign will see players stepping into the boots of GoW 4‘s Kait Diaz, new mode Escape will deliver three-player co-op, which, simply, will have you ploughing through Locust hives with murderous intent. Bring it on!

Here’s a look at Escape:

In further Gears 5 awesome news, those who grab the game and play within the first week of release will be able to nab a free Terminator: Dark Fate character pack. Here’s a preview of that:

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