If you’re a Switch fan who’s been itching to get into some Borderlands, BioShock or XCOM 2 then consider your itchy bits scratched.

The big news from a Nintendo Direct Mini that dropped overnight was 2K’s announcement that they’ll be bringing BioShock: The Collection, the Borderlands Legendary Collection and XCOM 2 Collection to Switch on May 29. It’s all being marketed under the banner ‘2K <3 Switch’. Aww!

The BioShock compilation will include BioShock Remastered, BioShock 2 Remastered and BioShock Infinite: The Complete Collection.

Borderlands fans will get Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, all in one neat little package.

Finally, the XCOM 2 extravaganza will deliver the original XCOM 2 game, four DLC packs and the XCOM 2: War of the Chosen expansion.

In other news from the Direct, revheads rejoice, for one of the greatest car games ever, Burnout Paradise, is heading Switch-wards in its Remastered incarnation (we even avoided typing “in-car-nation” then… erm, until we did). The wild and wonderful Catherine: Full Body is also making the leap to the Switch.

In DLC news, a third pack of extras for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order drops today, plus a free Ring Fit Adventure update adds a new rhythm game mode (yes!) that includes tracks from such games as Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2 and Breath of the Wild.

Later this year we can look forward to a Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, as well as expansion passes for Pokémon Sword and Shield. Then there’s Bravely Default II, for which you can now download a demo.

Here’s the Direct Mini in full: