If you’ve never encountered the beauty and wonder of Okami, then you’re in for a rare treat with the upcoming Okami HD.

Capcom have announced overnight that their grand PS2 action adventure about a powerful white wolf tasked with freeing Nippon from shadowy forces – by painting – has been given the HD  treatment again.

Okami HD

Of the vaguely Zelda-like experience, we once gushed, “Okami takes a bunch of Japanese mythology and wraps it up in one of the most beautiful things that you’ll ever see masquerading as a game. Lush cel-shaded imagery looks to have been watercoloured onto your screen.” Looking at the new screens and trailer, we doubt we’ll change our minds.

The latest Okami HD is slated for release on December 12, this time for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Curious? Here’s the trailer…