If you’ve popped your copy of Tom Clancy’s The Division back on the shelf you may want to grab it and jam it into your appropriate game machine of choice, as an utterly massive new 1.7 update adds a serious amount of stuff.

We have patch notes. Pages and pages and pages and pages of patch notes. As such, we’ve summarised the cool stuff for you…

New features

  • Global Events – time-limited events that add special modifiers to the PvE parts of The Division. Taking part in a Global Event will award tokens that allow the purchase of Classified Gear caches and unique vanity items.
  • Commendations & Patches – hundreds of challenges across several categories for agents to accomplish. Commendations cover all aspects and areas of the game, both for PvE and PvP. Some special Commendations award a patch. These are displayed on the agent’s arm, replacing the default Phoenix patch.
  • Face Masks – vanity items allowing players to further customise the look of their agent. Face Masks can be obtained during Global Events.
  • Face customisation – the Base of Operations now include a room with an interactive mirror that you can use to change your agent’s appearance. You can find the room by turning right straight after you have entered the Terminal from the Base of Operation stairs.
  • Encrypted Cache – an Encrypted Cache is a loot container obtained from the Premium Vendor in the terminal. It requires a key to open. Encrypted Caches contain unique appearance items, emotes and skins.
  • Classified Gear Sets – these are unique gear set pieces for pre-existing gear sets and will feature five and six-piece bonuses. Classified Gear Set pieces can initially only be received from participating in Global Events. Classified Gear Set pieces have higher Primary Stat Range than normal Gear Set pieces.

Gameplay changes

  • Blueprints are now shared across all characters on a same account.
  • Currencies are now shared across all characters on a same account.
  • Crafting materials are now shared across all characters on a same account.
  • After a Medkit cleanses a Status Effect, it will grant a temporary, three-second invulnerability to the cleansed Effect.

Weapon balance

  • Added a hard cap on RPM for all weapons. It will no longer be possible to overcome the RPM limitation of a weapon, no matter what shooting method is used.
  • SVD recoil and spread have been retuned to be in line with the M1A.


  • The rewards you get from Survival have been increased. Reaching Tier 1 will reward a Survival Cache instead of a Gear Cache. Reaching Tier 2 will reward one Survival Cache and one Weapons Cache.


There have also been a bunch of bug squishes and levelling tweaks. So, get out there and keep Manhattan safe!

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