Those craving a new Zelda experience on their Switch are soon in for a treat, via an old Zelda experience in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

The world first saw the game back in 1993 on Nintendo’s handheld wonder the Game Boy, and it looked very different to what we’re soon to see on the Switch. Of course, being a Game Boy game, it was all kind of black and greenish. Like this, actually:

It didn’t matter though, for the game was ace fun – and we could take it anywhere.

So, all these years later The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is heading to Nintendo’s newest portable console, and it’s undergone a stunning metamorphosis. Gone are the blocky, monochrome graphics, in favour of simply beautiful full-colour characters brimming with life. Yet despite this huge change, the world of Koholint Island still feels and somehow looks familiar.

Then there’s the soundtrack, with the classic chiptunes faithfully updated with a more orchestral sound.

Die-hard Link’s Awakening fans will notice some gameplay twiddles, but nothing that takes much away from the nostalgic experience. Meanwhile, newcomers are in for a gorgeous treat.

Ultimately, the theme is familiar but tweaked, making use of the extra power of the Switch both internally and physically, with the console’s extra buttons meaning more varied controls. Plus, we can’t wait to get our hand on that new dungeon editor!

Luckily we dont have to wait too long, as it all launches on September 20 this year.

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