Seriously, build a bridge with Bridge Constructor and its forthcoming Portal expansion. It isn’t exactly Portal 3, but it’s something.

If you’re not familiar with it, Bridge Constructor sees you… oh come on, you’re not decorating cakes! Whether they’re lies or not.

The trailer below makes for interesting watching, and we’re just happy to have that binary beeyatch GLaDOS back in any way possible.

Of course this isn’t her first return since Portal 2, with the sadly defunct now LEGO Dimensions featuring an entire separate level pack based on Portal (that came packaged with a very cool real life Chell minifigure) and Pinball FX 3 featuring an entire Portal table.

Bridge Constructor Portal will land for Windows, Mac and Linux on December 20, while PS4, Xbox One and Switch are due to follow in early 2018.

Check out the very cool Portal 2 Pop! Vinyls at JB Hi-Fi.