If you’re a normal gamer, you’ve likely spent ages to beat – or trying to beat – Super Mario Bros. on the NES. Prepare to be humbled.

Speedrunner Kosmicd12 has just broken the record time for a human completing the game on an original console with an original NES hand-cramping control pad – for the third time!

So, how long did it take him this time? 4:55.913. That’s four minutes, 55 seconds and 913 milliseconds.


Want to see this incredible run? Don’t care about spoilers if you never finished it? OK then, here goes…

This method uses both warps and bugs in the game, but for the sake of completionism Kosmicd12 also holds the record for beating Super Mario Bros. without using level warps – 19:02.491.

Want to have a go yourself, but don’t have an original NES? Grab the Nintendo Classic Mini NES at JB Hi-Fi.