That’s You! is the very first addition to PlayStation’s new PlayLink range, and we had a blast playing it yesterday. 

A brief background on PlayLink; it’s a new initiative from Sony Interactive Entertainment that will allow a group of people to connect to – and play games on – their PS4s using their mobile phones.

It’s aimed both at gamers and those more unfamiliar with the form of entertainment, as it’s as simple as choosing answers on your smartphone.

The first game to launch for this service is That’s You! It’s a party game at heart – as are most entries in the PlayLink series – and involves a number of questions that’ll test how well you know the people you’re playing with.

There are different ‘zones’, from the desert to a bar, and everything in-between, and a selection of different types of questions. You’ll be able to respond by selecting from a number of pictures, drawing something, or even simply writing an answer. The questions will often change based on your responses, so it can be as tame or as crazy as you like.

Depending on which way you look at it, That’s You! is either a really inappropriate game to play with your mates, or a really good way to learn quickly about strangers. The questions range from innocent to innuendo-laden, and the drawing opportunities are just recipes for disaster. You can also take selfies with filters to use as your display pic, and even set your own highly inappropriate (or boringly innocent) nickname.

For those competitive types out there who are only playing to win, there’s a scoring system in place. The game mechanics allow you to answer a question by choosing the person most likely to do something, and you score points by making the same choice as someone else. You also have access to Joker tokens that double your points if you manage to score – but these are limited, so use them wisely.

That’s You! is the first game in the PlayLink range, and is available for free for PS Plus users this month, as well as on the shelves at JB Hi-Fi. Grab some mates, drinks, and snacks, and settle in for the night.