SEGA’s Mega Drive was hugely successful in Australia back in the early ’90s, and introduced many to the joys of video games. As the shrunken version looms, inquiring minds wish to know your best memories of the console.

SEGA is putting together a video featuring Mega Drive memories, and is after submissions.

So, if you fancy a chance of featuring, it’s time to get busy. Submit your clip by August 13 – grab all the rules and regulations and whatnot right about here.

The SEGA Mega Drive Mini is a scaled down version of the original magnificent machine. That’s our much-loved – and much-used – original beside a shiny new Mini up above.

Featuring 42 mostly brilliant games, built-in – there’s no faffing about with cartridges – along with two controllers for competitive play, here’s a new video to whet your appetite for its release on September 19.

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