First announced a few years ago now, PS4 exclusive Days Gone looks somewhat akin to a meeting of Uncharted and The Last of Us via TV’s Sons of Anarchy. We get on our bike and take a look at what to expect.

A global viral pandemic has cut a swathe through the human race, leaving few unaffected survivors – and a whole lot of affected ones, known as ‘Freakers”. They’re not zombies, they’re very much alive, but more animal than human… and they’re evolving, quickly. Then there are the affected animals themselves.

Freakers take various forms, from “newts” – young, opportunistic hunters – through to those in “Hordes” which, as the name suggests, are vast groups of affected types who roam around in packs.

Set in the Pacific Northwest, a place of extremes from desert to terrain to weather – it’s two years on from the carnage, and the player steps into the boots of Deacon St John. A former outlaw biker, he’s now a broken man, doing the drifter/bounty hunter thing, sticking to the open road and taking out all attackers in a quest to stay alive – and upgrade his motorcycle (OK, so we’re sure there’s a higher purpose at play here, but Deac does lavish a lot of time on that bike).

It all takes place in an open world with a full day/night cycle, whereby players have the freedom to explore, while a linear narrative is still at play. However, there will still be choices at certain junctures that will affect future outcomes in-game.

Choice is a key aim of Days Gone. You can take a stealthy approach and avoid confrontation, or assail your enemies with all guns – and fists, and baseball bats – blazing.

As for your trusty bike, developers Bend consider it another character in the game. Part of the story involves the continual search for both fuel and upgrades, with a huge array of options available to customise your machine both visually and mechanically.

Days Gone is set for release on PS4 this coming April 26. Here’s a preview from E3 a couple of years ago that demonstrated even then why so many are now super-excited for this title.

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