EA Play Live has wrapped for the year, giving us some exciting insight into what’s coming up from one of the game’s industry’s most enduring companies.

After a message from EA’s Aussie CEO Andrew Wilson, complete with thank you to all the amazing people who have helped the world deal with the challenges of 2020, it was time to get into what we’ll be playing from EA in the next year.

Host Greg Miller of YouTube channel Kinda Funny presented “something a little different” live from San Francisco, and first up it was time for…

Apex Legends. Game director Chad Grenier gave an update on what’s next in Season 5 – the Lost Treasures collection event, from June 23. Plus, Apex Legends is coming to Switch this Australian spring.

The Sims general manager Lyndsay Pearson popped by next with a few friends speaking of how the game has helped to bring people of all walks of life together.

Some great news for Switch players then dropped, with seven new remasters to follow the new Burnout Paradise Remastered release in coming months.

Next up, some of the people working on upcoming EA Originals. First up was Hazelight’s Josef Fares, and It Takes Two, which we’re promised will “blow our f***ing minds away” in 2021.

Klaus Lyngeled of Sweden’s Zoink popped up next with co-worker Olov Redmalm. They took us behind the scenes on their upcoming, darker adventure Lost in Random, starring a young girl and her apparently sentient dice, and due in 2021.

Kevin Franklin of Final Strike Games unveiled multiplayer rocket-fueled shooter Rocket Arena next. Rocket! It’s coming with crossplay support between PS4, Xbox One and PC right from the start – which is July 14.

Now it was time for the big one… Star Wars: Squadrons. After an encore view of the previously-seen trailer (check it out here), we got some info on the making of the game and what we can expect from it via Motive Studios’ Ian Frazier. With a solid solo campaign and crossplay multiplayer, this one’s rocketing up our want list every time we hear more about it. Star Wars: Squadrons is releasing on October 2.

Now, here’s a beefy first look at actual gameplay:

Next, American football star Lamar Jackson introduced us to a premiere of next-gen Madden 21 and FIFA 21

Finally, EA’s chief studio officer Laura Miele shared some of what we can expect on PS5 and Xbox Series X with super-quick peeks at new titles from Criterion (yes!), Bioware and DICE. Plus… the return of Skate! Mic  drop.