Our friends at Bethesda have dropped a new video that gives us quite a bit more of an idea as to what’s going to go down in the upcoming Deathloop.

As well as looking to have style oozing from every polygon, Deathloop is basically a murder puzzle featuring an assassin trapped in a time loop.

Players step into the shoes of this assassin, and must get to the point where they eradicate eight ‘Visionaries’ (read: baddies) within one day, or loop. This will eventually happen as you amass intel – and weaponry – on each successive loop that you survive.

So, it’s kind of Groundhog Day meets Edge of Tomorrow meets first-person shooter.

In the video below, game director Dinga Bakaba at developer Arkane Lyon gives us a quick but helpful rundown on what to expect.

Deathloop is set to hit on PS5 and PC on May 21. Pre-order now at JB Hi-Fi.