We had a bit of a hit around with Big Bash Boom on PS4 – here’s everything you need to know. 

Big Ant Studios – the devs that brought you Ashes Cricket and AO Tennis – have now tried their hand at an arcade T20 (Big Bash League) cricket game, Big Bash Boom. Essentially, it’s NBA Jam for cricket. The players are bobble-headed (but using photogrammetry so they’re the real deal), the celebrations are over the top, and the game mechanics easy to pick up and play.

Big Bash Boom is a family friendly, arcade take on the 20-over-a-side form of cricket. You can bat and bowl – of course also with couch co-op – and there are a number of customisation options available to you as well. Almost all of the Big Bash League and WBBL players have been captured using cameras to put their likenesses in the game (with the rest to come, we’ve been told), and you’ll get a real kick out of seeing some of your favourite players with larger-than-life heads.

Whether you’re batting or bowling, you have a selection of over 60 celebrations you can choose to activate if you get a particularly good yorker or smash someone for six. Similar to FIFA, these are activated by pressing the button prompts you want for your desired action.

The controls are very straightforward for either side. When batting, you select where you want your shot to go, and each of the four face buttons correspond to a different shot type. It’s similar to bowling, where you aim where you want your delivery. The hardest part is getting used to the timing of both.

Each team, whether you back the Melbourne Stars or you’re wrong, has specific effects that apply only to them; not only mascots, but things like star trails on sixes and firework effects. Both the batting and bowling sides also get powerups that change the gameplay that you can earn after your power meter fills up over time.

Arguably the best part is the customisation that’s available. You can change the helmets on hats on your players to your heart’s content – you can even give everyone on the field a different style if you like.

Big Bash Boom is bound to be a winner with every cricket-loving family keen for some game time together on the couch, playing as their favourite team and favourite players.

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