The next 18 months will be an exciting one for those who are into new gaming tech, with a whole new Xbox – currently known as Project Scarlett – set to launch late in 2020.

Xbox bigwig Phil Spencer promised us “the future of gaming”, and fed us a few details about the upcoming console during Xbox’s E3 briefing for 2019. What was revealed sounds pretty exciting.

A video featured several developers who are working on the new machine, variously advising us that it will be four times as powerful as the Xbox One X, will feature 8K video, and will be capable of delivering video at 120fps (frames per second). The unit will include an SSD drive of undisclosed size, which they claim will deliver 40x performance increases. The aim is to kill loading times for a seamless gaming experience. We don’t usually condone killing, but in this case we’re definitely prepared to make an exception!

We’re also promised that Project Scarlett will “eat monsters for breakfast”. We’re not entirely sure what that means, but we’re definitely keen to find out more, which we will over the coming year before launch time in late 2020.

It was also revelaed that Halo Infinite will be a launch title for the new Xbox. Read more on that here.

Here’s the Project Scarlett reveal trailer:

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