The 5.50 update has just gone into beta testing for the PS4. When it hits for all of us, it will bring some really cool new features.

One that will appeal to those of a visual bent is the ability to import custom wallpapers via a USB stick. You’ll then be able to edit them with zooming and cropping to make them look just right. If you’re into tournaments, then you’ll also be able to customise your team page with your own team logo or background in the same way.

A bunch of handy UI updates will hit the library. Three new tabs will be added, ‘This PS4’, ‘Name/Avatar’ and ‘PS Plus”, the first one will show all games and apps installed on the system you’re on, while the middle one will list everything bought by the current user on PSN. The PS Plus tab is fairly self-explanatory, listing the games you have that were “free” with PS Plus. You’ll also now have the ability to hide apps – say old demos that you don’t use and such (or Orc Slayer).

The Quick menu also gets some lovin’, allowing quicker access to specific friends and seeing who’s online. There are also new shortcuts for when you’re listening to music on the PS4.

PS4 5.50 update

Has your notifications screen become a big heaping mess? This update will give you the ability to delete old ones.

One part of the update that kids will hate – but parents will love – is new play time management, which allows family managers or adults set as guardians to apply play time restrictions – or just spy on your kid’s activity. You can even be truly mean and log them out remotely if they don’t heed prior warnings to do so.

Finally, those who are lucky enough to have a PS4 Pro get a new “supersampling” mode. This is for those who haven’t got a 4K TV yet, allowing games to downscale to match your screen resolution. In other words, lots of stuff should look better.

The 5.50 update hasn’t been dated for general release yet, but from past experience it shouldn’t be too far away.