Watch Dogs: Legion – the third entry in Ubisoft’s future tech series – is now out and about, and it really changes up the established formula.

With a story that’s not a million miles removed from what we might see in the headlines, London has fallen to corruption, and it’s all being blamed on underground resistance group Dedsec. You just happen to be one of them, so it’s in your best interest to bring down all manner of shady types who’ve brought the proud city of London to its knees.

Those familiar with the first two Watch Dogs games will recognise the cool Grand Theft Auto meets TV’s Mr Robot vibe, however the gameplay ante has been upped big time.

While once you could check out the vital statistics of anybody you happened to come across, now you can recruit them as Dedsec operatives. If they’re in the game, then they’re game for recruitment. You might enlist anybody from a street fighter to a felon, or a getaway driver to a barrister (possibly handy for helping out those other three). Add your special way with all the latest tech and a bit of biffo and you’ll be handing London back to the people in no time, right?

Here’s a deeper dive into the story:

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