We’ve been waiting patiently, honestly we have, for Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox and top news is that the wait will be over in July.

Yes, we’ll soon be able to enter the wonderful world of flight, be it starting off small in something like a Cessna, or going straight in big time in a wide-bodied 747 jumbo jet. Fly anywhere in the world, potentially taking in over 1.5 billion buildings, 2 million cities, 2 trillion (!) trees, mountains, roads, rivers and, of course, a whole bunch more. It’s no pretend world, either, with live traffic, real-time weather and animals all a part of the incredible show.

This is one incredible beastie of a game, so much so that it will only play on the Xbox Series X.

All of the 20 included aircraft will have authetically modelled cockpits, complete with realistic instrumentation. You’ll be at home up front whether you’re a beginner or a pro too, as assists can be dialled right down or (as we’ll be doing to begin with) right up.

Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X lands on July 27. Pre-order now at JB Hi-Fi.

Check out some of the incredible vision in this gameplay trailer – and hang about at the end for news on a forthcoming free Top Gun: Maverick expansion: