It’s the last day of E3 and we went hands-on with DOOM Eternal.

Back in 2016, id Software defibrillated the DOOM franchise, producing a masterful modern interpretation of the spirit of the original. That fast-paced combat, gore and death metal is back in bounds with the follow-up, DOOM Eternal, and as Doom Slayer, it’s your job to defeat the hordes sent from Hell who have now invaded Earth too.

A 30-minute demo was enough to get a feel of what to expect. Well, before we even sat at the demo station we knew what to expect. A quick tricky tutorial outlined the range of movement and weapon options, and then it was into the heat of battle. While we didn’t get a whole way through the demo, it was enough to showcase the Doom Slayer’s explosive box of tools, which includes a flamethrower, a chainsaw for the up and personal (and disturbingly gratifying) kills and sticky bombs.

Of course it’s the combat that we’re here for, and that doesn’t disappoint. It’s utter carnage at 200 kilometres an hour. Both health and ammo, as we soon found out, are vitally important because the hordes, in all their shapes and sizes, just keep coming… and coming. But the relentless battle is what made the demo enjoyable. Granted, by the time we finished the demo, our time with the game was short, but what we can say is if you loved the gameplay of the 2016 reboot, this is one you’ll definitely want this on your Christmas list.

DOOM Eternal releases for PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 22.

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