Razer have let loose the successor to their Razer Viper Ultimate, and the Viper V2 Pro is almost 22 per cent lighter – and it’s packed with enhancements.

When Razer say “ultra-lightweight”, they really mean it, with the Viper V2 Pro weighing in at a mere 58g. Part of this weight loss is due to the removal of RGB lighting, which at best is a gimmick anyway. This mouse is so light that removing it from the slick box we couldn’t help but wondering whether we’d been sent an empty mouse shell!

Made with esports players in mind, who demand the utmost in high performance because every nanosecond counts, the Viper V2 Pro won’t be everybody’s idea of a good mousin’ time – nor should it be. If you’re looking for something to get your office work done, this isn’t what you’re after. But if you’re a gamer after a mouse that delivers on lightness, accuracy and durability it just may be worth reading further.

“When Razer say “ultra-lightweight”, they really mean it…”

Firing it up for gaming, the Viper V2 Pro’s neatly sculpted design fits very nicely in-hand. The surface features no moulded grips, so the included sheet of 3M adhesive grips is most welcome for really having the mouse feeling more firmly grasped. The scroll wheel does have a rubber grip built-in, and it works very well – we never lost our finger placement in the heat of battle.

Upon moving it about, the smoothness of the Viper V2 Pro is instantly noticeable, with the skates doing a top job. After a click or three of the buttons, the improved internal switches that have been included are very solid. These are Razer’s “Gen-3” switches, which promise even longer life than their predecessor and, together with the also-new “Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor”, we’re talking one smooth unit. It’ll also work fine on just about any surface – including shiny ones like our table. It’s handy for true “take anywhere” performance, even though we still prefer a mouse mat between our mouse and the surface that it’s on.

Razer Viper V2 Pro Ultra-lightweight Wireless Esports Mouse

A big change that will upset some is the removal of programmable buttons from the right side of the unit, with two very responsive ones remaining on the left. Yes, it saves some weight, but excluding all the lefties of the world is something that we think is, well, unfortunate. Would those couple of buttons have added THAT much weight?

Connection-wise, a neat, white, threaded USB-A to USB-C cable is included both for playing and charging, or you can go wireless with a tiny USB-A dongle that comes with a relatively huge USB-C adaptor. We experienced no issues connecting either way, and wireless didn’t seem any more laggy.

Turning the Viper V2 Pro onto its back reveals a single button, which doubles as a power switch and DPI cycler. Five settings are included as standard – 400, 800 (the default), 1600, 3200 and 6400. If you use the Razer Synapse software these can also be customised further, to get things just how you like them. It allows all sorts of tweaking with the programmable buttons and other mouse functionalities, too.

Battery life for the Viper V2 Pro is claimed to be up to 70 hours between charges, and the underbelly LED turns into a blinking red warning light when you get down to five per cent.

If you’re after an all-purpose squeaker then the Razer Viper V2 Pro isn’t the mouse you’re looking for, but it was never intended to be. If you’re into esports or are just really serious about your gaming, however, then no serious shopper should overlook it when hunting for a device that feels just right.

The Razer Viper V2 Pro is available now, in white or black.

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