Daemon X Machina

Gundam Wing meets Titanfall – if that doesn’t get you excited, what will?! Daemon X Machina has just released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, but is there more than meets the eye for this title?

Daemon X Machina is a hybrid title developed and published by Marvelous Games that merges the PS2 classic Zone of Enders playstyle with Titanfall. Players create their pilot via a large variety of options, before being introduced to their Gundam Wing-like suit known as an Arsenal. Players are then given a brief overview of how to control their Arsenal on the battlefield, before setting off on some easy story missions.

The story of Daemon X Machina is, sadly, a little forgettable, with players barely being given any reason as to why they’re being sent into semi-open levels destroying tanks and drones. Basically, a moon has exploded, and has caused artificial intelligence to turn against humanity, and different factions and colonies hire mercenaries (that’s you) to fight off what’s known as the Immortals (rebellious AI). Sadly, the opening hours of Daemon X Machina’s story are delivered through info dumps (delivered via voiceover and text) before missions.

Thankfully, however, the combat and gameplay mechanics of Daemon X Machina are the real meat and potatoes. Though there’s a learning curve as the opening tutorial levels just dump info on the screen, once you’ve played a couple of levels the controls become quite natural and intuitive. Being able to use shoulder-mounted cannons while firing an assault rifle and holding up a shield makes you feel as powerful as Iron Man and as badass as Megatron (the real Megatron, not that Michael Bay Megatron, of course).

Daemon X Machina

Should your Arsenal run out of ammo – which can happen if you don’t prepare your loadouts before missions – you can loot weapons and armour from defeated enemy Arsenals. If your chest armour takes too much damage and you’ve just defeated an enemy, you’ll be able to scavenge armour from that Arsenal and equip it to yours when you return to base. Strangely though, should an Arsenal drop multiple pieces of armour and weapons, you’ll only be able to loot one item before the enemy arsenal blows up. Should you need, you can also vacate your Arsenal and run around on foot on the battlefield. Your pilot will be able to deal damage to enemies (not as much as your Arsenal though) and scavenge ammo from any enemy.

After completing missions you’ll be rewarded with credits, which can be used for purchasing new weapons and armour for your Arsenal, as well as purchasing cybernetic enhancements for your pilot such as robotic legs, which yield a greater running speed. Your base also works as a multiplayer hub, which can be used for inviting up to three friends to play with you. Plus, you can also visit an ice cream shop… yep, an ice cream shop, which is used for applying buffs to your pilot and Arsenal. If only ice cream could apply buffs in real life – well, other than increasing pants size!

“…the combat and gameplay mechanics of Daemon X Machina are the real meat and potatoes.”

Visually, Daemon X Machina is beautiful. Running on the Unreal Engine, the game has a graphical style similar to the Borderlands titles. In docked mode, Daemon X Machina runs at 1920×1080 resolution, though the frame rate can dip every now and then from 30 to 20, causing a brief stutter in gameplay.

Sadly, the story of Daemon X Machina is brushed over, but once you spend time learning the controls and manoeuvres of your Arsenal, you’ll be itching to return to the battlefield to blow up tanks, dodge lasers and missiles and go toe-to-toe with enemy Arsenals. If you’re a fan of the Transformers, Gundam Wing, Neon Genesis Evangelion or giant robots in general, take a look at Daemon X Machina.

Daemon X Machina is available now for Switch.

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