Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition

Any Devil May Cry disciple will tell you that it’s all about the style, so what does Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition bring to the next-gen – aka now-gen – table? Style, and plenty of it. Phew!

Much like a coming together of Heavenly Sword, Ninja Gaiden and Bayonetta, if you like the running and the jumping and the shooting and the slashing and the memorising of combos then be happy, for DMC5:SE gives it all in copious amounts.

But we’re not going to blah-blah-blah lyrical about the game itself, for we’ve already done that – please check out our review of the non-SE DMC5 here.

What we will do is tell you what’s new in this trip onto the latest and greatest that the console world has to offer.

A lot of it is, not surprisingly, about the graphics. Options abound, all of which allow for much prettification beyond that which we experienced on the last generation of machines. Want the shiniest ray tracing in the land AND 4K resolution? Hit it up at 30 frames per second – lovely. Not enough frames for your liking? Forego the ray tracing and get 60 of them per second – butter smooth (and probably the best option of the bunch). Want ray tracing and 60FPS? Some may call you greedy, but DMC5:SE will simply ask that you slum it a tad with 1080p visuals in order to give you the technical whiz-bang that you truly desire. There’s also 120FPS on offer if you’re one of the rare few currently who have such an option available to them.

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition

While graphical oomph is definitely the biggest drawcard with this now-gen spit and polish, there are further treats to be had. While there’s a 20 per cent speedier mode – AGH! – possibly the biggest amongst these new options is the ability to play as Dante’s twin bro Vergil straight out of the box, complete with his unique skillset. If you’re feeling particularly frisky, you could hit the game as he and also opt for “Legendary Dark Knight” mode, which has nothing to do with Batman, but everything to do with incredibly OTT, brutal adversary-overflowing challenge – done stylishly, of course.

The other big advantage is something that in time will become par for the course, but as it’s new and shiny we still think it worth mentioning, and that’s loading times. The PS5’s SSD makes them barely perceptible, adding flow to the bonkers trip that is DMC5.

If you’ve already been there and done that with DMC5 then you may not find enough here to warrant a repurchase, but if you’re new to the show – or a junkie for exquisite graphics – then there’s so much to adore about this crazy, wild, intense and, of course, stylish ride.

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition is available now on PS5 and Xbox Series 5

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