*whoop whoop* It’s the sound of da police. 

PrisonPrison Architect has been hanging around on PC for a while now, and it’s finally come to Xbox One and PS4. Build and manage your own prison with thousands of customisation options, giving you never-before-seen control over your project.

There’s even a short story mode exclusive to the console editions to play through, comprised of a five-chapter campaign.

Inspired by the likes of Dungeon Keeper and Sim City, in Prison Architect, you take control of and maintain your own high security prison, without the danger of actually having to confront criminals.

The console edition will also feature exclusive content including Warden Mode, allowing players to take control of already constructed prisons to save you the hassle of creating some yourself, and World of Wardens – a kind of online map sharing hub.

Forget going to prison IRL – this is the safer option.

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