Just Dance 2020Just Dance 2020 celebrates ten years of Ubisoft’s ace party machine. But will it have you saying “I Like It”, or “I Don’t Care”?


This is your heart on Just Dance 2020: DOOF! DOOF! DOOF! DOOF!

Yes, just when you may have thought the BPM might abate, Ubisoft have found more modern dance tunes to jam into this latest iteration of their mega-dance extravaganza.

There are some 40 songs to bop along to, and as always some will be over the moon with the choice, while others will mumble and grumble and fondly remember the days when music was good. This year’s model is stuffed with top chart acts, including the likes of Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Pitbull, Selena Gomez, Billie Eilish, Katy Perry, Lil Nas X (with, of course, Miley’s dad), Ed & Biebs and BTS. Plus, just when you thought you’d finally torn it out of your ear, hurled it to the ground, shot it, stabbed it, stomped on it several times, dipped it in batter, fried it and devoured it gleefully with a small squeeze of lemon, Baby Shark. Doo doo doo doo doo bloody doo.

So, unless you’re a chart bunny it would seem that Just Dance 2020 is cursed. Ooh, that’s bad. But! There’s always the ‘Just Dance Unlimited’ subscription service, allowing access to some 500 other songs, featuring many good ones from previous releases and otherwise. That’s good! But it’s also cursed, as while you once received a free three-month subscription, you now only get a measly one month before you have to start paying (or learn to love the core selection of songs). That’s bad.

Just Dance 2020

Still, there’s mode overload. The bread and butter ‘Just Dance’ for up to six players at once, the ability to switch on calorie-counting ‘Sweat’ workouts, the extrovert’s fave ‘World Dance Floor’ and a celebration of the first decade of the game in ‘All Stars Mode’, featuring greatest hits of the series such as Boney M’s guilty pleasure classic Rasputin. The kid mode also returns, featuring some extra new munchkin-friendly tracks and choreography, plus co-op is back, allowing players to go for team scores.

There are also more collectibles than you could shake, shake, shake a booty at, awarded for doing pretty much anything in-game, and a ‘Gift Machine’ on which to spend your hard-earned dancing mojo on avatars, skins and aliases. Plus, there’s a sticker collection – yay!

Your iPhone or Android device once again functions as a controller via an app, or in the case of PS4 (as reviewed) you can also use either the camera or the old bubble-on-a-stick Move. An added bonus with the latter, at least for party-pooping indolent types, is that you can just lie back on the couch and waggle it about in the air and still score five stars on most songs.

Anyway, music selection and shrunken JDU subscription gripes aside, Just Dance remains slick-as and super-fun in Just Dance 2020. Get into it and it will certainly get your heart pumping.


Ooh, that’s bad!

Just Dance 2020 is available now for PS4, Xbox One and Switch.star-4

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