If you’ve ever been in the heat of battle only to inadvertently have a slippery controller go flying across the room, a solution is at hand from Lizard Skins.

Lizard Skins make a range of textured rubber grips for PS4, Xbox One and Switch Joy-Con controllers, and they certainly are grippy.

We first gave one of our PS4 controllers a bit of bondage action with the grips, and it was a doddle to get happening. A little alcohol pad – much like the lemon-scented clean-up squares that you get at KFC – is included, with which you wipe the handles of the controller down to remove all that sweaty ick build-up.

In the case of the PS4, there are four pieces, which are easily aligned to the seams on the DualShock. If you have a Back Button Attachment it will need to be removed, but good news is that it can be squeezed back on after applying the Lizard Skins.

It literally took less than two minutes to have our controller all wrapped up and ready to play. The Xbox One Lizard Skins are similarly installed in four parts, while the Switch Joy-Con grips come as a single piece for each unit.

So far so good – now for the play test. The grips do take a little getting used to at first, as they increase the bulk of the controller marginally and obviously have a completely different feel to naked plastic. As for their intended use though – grippiness – they certainly come through.

Lizard Skins come in a range of various solid and camouflage colours, so there should be something to suit any shade of controller that you can throw at them – something you won’t be doing (well, accidentally at least) after installation.

Here’s an example of how easy it is to install Lizard Skins:

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