Buttons, and plenty of ’em. At first glance, the PS4 DualShock controller might seem to have this brief covered, but you can never have too many buttons, right?

That’s where the boringly named – but very handy – little DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment comes in.

Alarmingly light, the device packs a slick, round OLED screen and two extra trigger buttons that sit behind the controller.

Once installed – which can be a little tricky, as it requires a precise angle to plug it into the port at the bottom of the DualShock (a passthrough is present for headsets) – the device allows three different program sets to be entered, letting any of the DualShock’s buttons to be mapped to the new triggers. From the front, it makes your controller look a little like Futurama‘s Flexo…

DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment

To program the device, you simply hold down the screen, which is also a button, briefly, then select any of the three internal memory slots and use the left and right triggers to scroll through the controller’s buttons. It’s one way traffic though, so if you overshoot you will have to do a go-round.

“From the front, it makes your controller look a little like Futurama’s Flexo…”

Holding the updated controller can take a little getting used to. We ended up using our ring fingers in our extensive testing of the device and the new contortion that’s required does become second nature in no time, at least in our experience.

As you’d expect, the extra button wallop that this device adds varies between games. We found that it improved our decidedly average shooter abilities a tad, but where it really made a mark was in one of our faves, Taiko no Tasujin: Drum Session!. With the red drums mapped to the Back Button Attachment, every song that we tried saw an old high score fall. This thing rocks!

DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment

Another great potential use is to map the ‘Share’ button to one of the newly-added triggers, making it much easier to stab and grab that perfect screenshot, rather than missing it by hunting for the teensy original button.

It won’t be for everybody, but for those of you looking to hone your skills, this reasonably-priced add-on just may be your passport to scoring pleasure.

The DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment for PS4 releases on February 14.

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