A great all-rounder wired headset is something that every gamer should have in their arsenal. We check out the latest contender, the EPOS H3.

Right out of the box, the EPOS H3 looks great, especially in its Star Wars stormtrooper reminiscent white and black guise (you can also get it in all-black). it’s also surprisingly light in-hand, which implies that it’ll also be light where it belongs, upon a head. We’ll get to that.

The design of this closed acoustic number is simple and functional, with a rather large microphone protruding from the left earcup. It folds up neatly when not in use, which is good as it’s not removable. The only other obvious control to find is a volume wheel, which is embedded in the outside of the right earcup.

Connection is both easy and well-covered, with removable two-metre single (console) and single to double (PC) cables of decent length both included.

Epos H3

As it’s marketed as a gaming headset, we first put the H3 through its paces on a variety of games across Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series X – hey, when we say all-rounder, we mean all-rounder! From our favourite rhythm games through to the more shooty likes of Returnal and Outriders, we received pleasingly clear, nicely punchy sound. If you want a headset that will rock your head out of its socket with full-on bass this isn’t it, but the balance delivered makes for a slick mix of high, low and middle frequencies that sounds just right.

We also put the H3 through its paces on MP3s via our smartphone, and squeezed in a spot of the fab Girls5eva on TV, and were pleased to find that the just right mix that we heard on games carried over to whatever else we through at them. So far, so top all-rounder.

Popping back to the games room, our chat companions reported back that we came through clean and clear at their end. The mic is a doddle to get happening – just pull it down and it clicks into the on position, pop it back when you wish to turn it off or mute. It also has a certain amount of flex to it, for getting that positioning just right.

So, sound gets a big tick, what about comfort? That on-head lightness that we were keen to explore comes through. The H3 boasts dual swivel earcups and a notchy, solid stainless steel headband that means it’s adjustable for pretty much any bonce. The earcups are quite snug, but extended wear didn’t have us clawing at itchy lugs like some headsets can – and that was with glasses on, which is always a good comfort test.

It’s good to note that despite being so light – only around 285 grams – the H3 feels solidly built. When it comes to headsets, there’s nothing worse than having to coddle one in fear of something snapping somewhere.

So, if you’re after a top-performing all-rounder headset, we reckon the keenly-priced EPOS H3 will most definitely fit the bill, no matter what audio you throw at it.

The Epos H3 wired gaming headset is available now in white or black.

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