Some want a headset that works well enough, much like some people just want any old car with which to get from A to B. Others prefer to get about in style, and if you’re like that when it comes to headsets then the EPOS H3PRO Hybrid may be the new Ferrari for your ears.

It arrives in a slick-looking black box that, when opened, reveals more blackness, in which comfortably sits the unit itself, plus a box full of extra goodies. These amount to a wireless dongle, USB-A to USB-C cable, USB-A extension cable, a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable for wired connection, a cover plate for when you’re running sans microphone, and a bunch of documentation. It’s the right amount of snazzy to look impressive, without using half the planet’s resources to do so.

Upon removing the headset from its foam home, what strikes you is that the H3PRO feels solid, but doesn’t do so at a weight premium, which is always critical if you’re looking at extended periods with a headset upon your bonce. The adjustable sliders on each primo leatherette ensconced earcup allow for a wide range of head sizes from quite small – a handy 10-year-old nephew tried them on comfortably – up to more fat-headed types such as the person who’s typing this. In place, they feel both comfy and secure, especially if you tend to get a bit animated in the heat of battle. The padded headband just adds to the lux comfort.

“This means compatibility with, well, pretty much anything that you could require a headset for.”

Designed to be suitable for pretty much any headset requirement, you can use the H3PRO Hybrid either wired or wireless. This means compatibility with, well, pretty much anything that you could require a headset for.

When going wireless, a lack of lag is one of the keys to the experience being worthwhile. The H3PRO Hybrid uses a USB-A dongle, that promises lag-free audio, and in our playing about we were happy to find that it lives up to EPOS’s claims. A super-neat feature is that it can also connect via Bluetooth simultaneously, for pairing a phone while gaming, as well as audio mixing when gaming on wired connections. If you’re on Android you can also mix audio streams when running via dongle, which works brilliantly. This puppy is versatile!


Versatility is one thing, but how’s the sound? The H3PRO Hybrid is a closed back headset, meaning that once it’s over your ears you’re in its universe – it doesn’t let reality in like open-backed models. Even then, many closed units can still let in a little of the outside world, so EPOS have added enhanced ANC – active noise cancellation – to the mix. We cranked the audio on everything from some favourite games to a selection of tunes and even a spot of telly, and all sounded pleasingly punchy. That’s not something you always get when listening to music via a headset that’s aimed at the gamer market. Listening without extraneous sounds invading the listening experience is also bliss.

Should you wish, audio can be tweaked further on a Windows PC via the useful EPOS Gaming Suite, which is a twiddler’s delight with its equalizer, plus it also allows access to incredible 7.1 sound rather than the out-of-the-box 2.0 experience..

As for microphone options when gaming or phoning, the H3PRO delivers dual mics – one is the boom, which attaches magnetically so that it can easily be removed if you wish to hit the streets or wherever and have your cans look a little more inconspicuous (there’s even the aforementioned cap to hide the hole that’s left behind – be careful not to lose it). That doesn’t mean that you can’t stay connected though, for the secondary mic, in the left earcup, is perfect for taking phone calls, or attending those now regular Zoom calls.

What else is worth knowing? Well, the battery life is super-impressive for such a device, delivering just under 30 hours from a single charge in our wireless testing with the dongle. EPOS claim an extra eight hours on top of that if running exclusively via Bluetooth, too.

If you’ve a decent budget and want a truly exceptional sounding headset that’s also incredibly versatile, we’d be popping the EPOS H3PRO Hybrid up the top of the shopping list.

The EPOS H3PRO Hybrid wireless gaming headset is available now in Sebring Black.

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