Nintendo’s Switch rocks, as does Pikachu and classically-styled instant photos. Now all three of these cool worlds collide in one special package.

The Fujifilm instax mini Link Printer Pikachu Special Edition package contains Fujifilm’s super-handy instax mini Link Printer in a special ‘Ash White’ guise with red and blue highlights, which effortlessly connects to your smartphone (or compatible Fujifilm X Series camera) via Bluetooth, and a very funky silicone Pikachu cover to protect it. It should be noted that film packs are sold separately.

Setup is a snap, just pop the back panel on the printer, insert the film pack – which only fits one way, so you can’t mess it up – close the flap and let the device finish its housework. Then, pop the unit back into its protective Pikachu and…Fujifilm instax mini Link Printer Pikachu Special Edition

Then comes the better bit – sharing your top screengrabs from your Nintendo Switch to your phone, and printing them out as brilliant instant photos! No special software is required on the Switch, as image sharing functionality is built-in. Just pop into the ‘Album’ app from your Switch home screen, select your desired image, press ‘A’ (Posting and Editing’), then select ‘Send to Smart Device’ and scan the QR code to send it to your smartphone, be it Android or iOS.

If that’s not cool enough, the special – and free – link for Switch mobile app, which handles the actual printing, offers a number of ways to zhuzh up your pics, with cropping functionality and a selection of New Pokémon Snap, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and classic Super Mario frames to add before printing. You can also add these frames to photos from your phone for an added bit of fun, plus you can even enter the ‘Sketch, Edit & Print’ mode of the app to further personalise your prints with your own little doodles or text.

Fujifilm instax mini Link Printer Pikachu Special Edition

Fujifilm have even managed to gamify the device a little should you choose, with ‘Party Print’ allowing up to five friends to add an image to the mix before generating a collage via the ‘Surprise Print’ functionality, and ‘Match Test’ offering a simple compatibility quiz game.

As for print time, it takes around 15 seconds for the instax mini to spit out your glossy 5.5cm x 9cm print, and a bit longer – a minute or two – for it to develop fully before your very eyes (with no need for shaking!) The result is beautifully detailed, and sure to bring memories flooding back for those who were around for the earlier days of instant photo cameras.

Battery life is likely to outlast your wild printing lust, promising around 100 prints from a single battery charge (the unit charges via a standard Micro-SD cable, which comes in the box). We didn’t have that much film on hand to play around with, so we’ll take Fujifilm at their word on that one.

Fujifilm instax mini Link Printer Pikachu Special Edition

Small enough to easily pop into a bag or big pocket – it’s a bit less than the size of a classic Game Boy, and only weighs around 200 grams – this Pikachu-enhanced instax mini Link Printer is a brilliant bit of kit to kick off conversations and add an extra layer of fun to your Switch gaming.

The Fujifilm instax mini Link Printer Pikachu Special Edition is available now.

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