In a year that’s hurled challenges aplenty, we can at least be eager for the arrival of the PlayStation 5. Plus, now we have the perfect headset to match it!

HyperX have unleashed the latest in their Cloud Stinger range of high-performing, well-priced gaming headsets in a very sharp-looking white, blue and black combination. They most certainly look the part, but how do they perform?

First up, they feel good on the head. At just 275 grams there’s not a lot of bulk, which can be a drag during extended gaming sessions. The cloth ear cushions of this closed-back headset are gentle on the ears, breathable, and adapt to glasses wearers well. Meanwhile, the sliders for head size adjustment are made of steel, and feel very durable.

While marketed for PlayStation, the pleasing little secret that the Cloud Stinger Core has is that they work great on PCs. That was actually our first port of call, and what a dream! Wi-Fi dongle into a spare USB port, headset on with a few seconds of holding the power button and “BAM!”, they just worked, basically instantly. No faffing with drivers or Windows 10 settings, just straight at it. If only everything for PCs was this easy to set up…

Hooking into a PS4 isn’t much harder, with just a couple of settings on the PS4 (we’ve no PS5 to try them on yet, of course) to be directed headset-wards. As anybody who’s previously gone wireless will likely tell you, the lack of cable connection to the console is brilliant – and one less thing to potentially trip over!

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core wireless gaming headset

Sound-wise, the Cloud Stinger Core performs pleasingly, with any adjustment to sound – bass, treble etc – handled at the source. Inside we have 40mm drivers, while control-wise onboard there’s a power button and a volume knob. Nice and simple. In-game with shrapnel flying all around is a blast, and music has a satisfying thump to the more bass-heavy parts.

These pack a ~17 hour battery life from a full charge, and can be completely recharged via the included USB cable in around 2.5 hours. Joy of joys, they utilise USB-C, so there’s none of that always getting the fiddly micro USB plug the wrong way round. At around 12 metres, wireless range should be plenty for anybody.

Rounding out the Cloud Stinger Core package is a noise-cancelling microphone for gaming fun, or telecommuting necessity. It isn’t removable, but when folded upwards it not only fits reasonably snugly, it also gets automatically set to mute.

Great looking and great sounding, HyperX have come through with another top bargain in wireless gaming. Now all we need is that PS5 to go with them…

The HyperX Cloud Stinger Core wireless gaming headset for PS4/PS5/PC is available now.

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