If you’re really into your portable gaming, or are a little short on space, a tenkeyless – that means no numeric keypad – keyboard can be just the go, and the Logitech G G413 TKL SE packs everything that you likely need.

It’s an abridged version of their standard G413 that features a numerical keypad, but delivering greater ease of transport and a markedly smaller footprint, while all the keys you need to frag mercilessly are present and accounted for. Plus, it’s built tough to handle being chucked in a backpack or the most heated gaming sessions, including a brushed aluminium-magnesium alloy top case.

“…all the keys you need to frag mercilessly are present and accounted for.”

This durability extends to the keycaps, which are made from PBT – that’s Polybutylene Terephthalate if you wish to get scientific about it. Their hardiness – and heat and wear resistance – is renowned, plus they promise a 70 million key press life span. The keys themselves also offer a satisfying tactile experience from their mechanical switches, without being excessively clacky.

A gaming keyboard also needs to deliver reliability. Here we get a cabled connection – there’s no chance of wireless flaking out – and six-key rollover anti-ghosting performance. This means more reliable key input when compared with non-gaming mechanical keyboards.

Logitech G G413 TKL SE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Some like their keyboards to look like Christmas trees. Logitech keep things simple and functional with their backlighting on the G435 TKL SE, delivering clear, white light so that you can see what you’re pressing no matter your location’s lighting. It’s simple and very effective.

Just because the keypad is gone that doesn’t mean that other handy keys have gone the same way. The G435 TKL SE features 12 function (FN) keys that allow you to control volume, play and pause, skip track, mute, toggle lighting, Windows lock, and so on.

If you’re after a compact gaming keyboard that you know you’ll be able to rely upon again and again, adding the Logitech G G413 TKL SE to your arsenal may be one of the best plays that you’ve made in a while.

The Logitech G G413 TKL SE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is available now.

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