With so many of us using headsets to stay in touch, the sight of boom mics is common – and ugly! Logitech’s G435 kicks them to the kerb – and that’s just the start of its cool feature set.

So, how does a headset provide microphone functionality without an unsightly boom arm? It all happens via a system known as beamforming. The G435 features a pair of beamforming mics which, without getting too technobabbly, pick up the same signal from two locations and combine them so that whatever you say is heard clearly. Well, unless you’re a chronic mumbler…The process also works quite well at reducing background noise. In practice, we were pleasantly surprised at how effective it is, with our listeners reporting that we were coming in loud and clear.

The first thing that really struck us upon removing the G435 from its packaging was just how little the headset weighs – it’s a mere 165 grams! While it feels almost flimsily light, closer poking and prodding indicates that, despite being made almost solely of plastic, it’s a reasonably tough little beastie. That being said, we wouldn’t want to treat them too meanly for fear of breakage – a consideration if buying for kids. Otherwise, this lightness is a blessing for anybody who needs – or wants – to wear a headset for extended periods of time, as once plopped upon a head it’s almost like it isn’t there.

“…we didn’t even have to stretch it to its limits in order to fit our fat bonce.”

Speaking of heads, have you ever seen somebody with a relatively small one dwarfed by their giant headset? That comical look is a thing of the past with the G435, which has been specifically designed for smaller heads, including those of kids. Thankfully, it has a wide range of adjustment, and we didn’t even have to stretch it to its limits in order to fit our fat bonce.

Logitech G435

The other thing noticeable at a quick glance at the G435 is the wild colour combination, no matter which option you plump for. The black one, as is upon our noggin as we type this, is the most understated, but even then has cool neon yellow bits and bobs for a little more flair than your ever-so-common plain Jane black headsets. An off white and bluish lilac set (pictured above) is also available at launch, with a bright combination of pink, blue and purple (pictures below) set to arrive early in 2022.

Logitech G435

A headset can look as cool an anything, but if it doesn’t perform then it’s all for nought. Our first stop? Connectivity. The G435 connects to Bluetooth devices simply – we paired it quickly with both our Windows PC and our Android phone. The G435 also comes with a USB-A dongle that allows for connection via Logitech’s proprietary Lightspeed “gaming grade” wireless system to PC, Mac, PS5 and PS4, and it too worked flawlessly in our test with our Windows box. A range of around 10 metres is claimed, and we can ping-pong from one extreme to another in our flat without losing signal at all.

Sonically, a pair of 40mm drivers deliver the goods, from your classic stereo through to compatibility with newer innovations including Dolby Atmos, Tempets 3D AudioTech and Windows Sonic. We’ve thrown everything from gaming to chat to music at ours, and while musically it may not rival much more expensive headsets, it does punch above its weight compared to some similarly priced wireless models that we’ve played with.

Charge-wise, 18 hours is claimed from one battery charge (via an included USB-C cable), and we have no reason to dispute this, as the G435 hasn’t let us down yet.

A brilliant inclusion considering that the G435 is perfect for kids is the option of engaging an <85 dB limiter. A certain nephew of ours always goes straight to “stun” levels of volume, and we daresay he’s not the only one, so engaging this setting may help towards them being able to actually hear into their old age. Although they’ll probably have insanely clever super-bionic ear implants or something by then.

One final consideration that impresses us is that the G435 is made with a claimed minimum 22 per-cent post-consumer recycled plastic, and is certified CarbonNeutral (the carbon footprint of the product and packaging has been reduced to zero thanks to Logitech’s investment in carbon offsets). Any little thing that we can do for the environment when investing in more plastic is a good thing.

If you’re on a budget and want the versatility of Bluetooth connectivity, are looking for a good headset to fit a smaller head, or just like the fact that Logitech have made some effort to inject a bit of style into the headset market, then the G435 is definitely worth considering.

The Logitech G435 Lightspeed wireless gaming headset is available now in black/yellow or off white/lilac. The snazzy pink/blue/purple number is slated to release on January 29, 2022.

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