The standard Xbox controller hasn’t changed much in generations now, and some find it, well, a bit unwieldy. Enter RIG with the Nacon Pro Compact, build especially for Xbox – and for smaller hands.

Not only is this sleek piece of kit more easy to wrangle, it’s also wired. This gives a couple of advantages – most notably, no need for batteries like the standard Xbox xontroller, and also no latency issues if you’re super-serious about every split second of gaming counting. OK, so being connected to your Xbox Series X|S or One by a USB umblical cord may not appeal to everybody, however the considerate folk at RIG/Nacon have attached a generous three metre cable (that’s almost 10 feet in old school measurements). That’s a lot of cable, allowing a heap of freedom of movement, without yanking expensive tech onto the floor in the heat of battle.

Upon first plucking the Pro Compact from its box, the first thing that strikes you is how hefty it isn’t – this controller feels sturdy, but without all the weight that can have your hands sagging through an extended play session. The next thing is the size of the A, B, X and Y buttons. They’re bigger than what we’re used to and hence, by our thinking, easier to hit in a flurry. They’re also clearly marked in large, friendly letters for those who haven’t got them committed to muscle memory yet. Meanwhile, the menu, options and share buttons of the latest generation of Xbox controllers are all present and accounted for – even if they are rather oddly spaced out.

“…in the words of a famous telemarketer, wait, there’s more!”

As for the thumbsticks, they’re concave and remain in the classic Xbox offset position of high left, low right. We’re not going to start an argument here as to whether this is better than them being symmetrical PlayStation style, so let’s move on. They feel good to the touch of thumb, both with a nice springy action that gives the impression that they’re built to last many a battle. Actually playing with the controller just supports this – this is one nimble device. This carries over to the D-pad, which is the classic plus shape, rather than a disc.

RIG Nacon Pro Compact Controller for Xbox

That’s the hardware side, but in the words of a famous telemarketer, wait, there’s more! Whether you’re using the Pro Compact on Xbox or Windows, you can fire up a customisation app that allows a whole bunch of tweaking to get the controller just how you want it to be. There are options to remap buttons, as well as adjusting thumbstick sensitivity, trigger dead zones and more, and once you’ve got it just right you can store those settings within the controller.

A very cool feature is that when you buy the RIG Nacon Pro Compact, as well as getting a very capable controller, you also receive a free lifetime subscription to Dolby Atmos for headphones audio. Just install the Dolby Access app, and when you plug any old 3.5mm headset or headphones into the Pro Compact, you’re whisked away to a world of spatial audio. Or, pair it with RIG’s snazzy new 500 Pro HC Competitive Gaming Headset, engineered specifically for 3D game audio, and you just may be blown away! It’s a very cool addition, and the difference between standard sound and Dolby Atmos 3D audio can be genuinely huge.

The standard Xbox controller isn’t for everybody, and in the Pro Compact RIG/Nacon have come up with a serious alternative – no matter what size hands you have.

The RIG Nacon Pro Compact Controller for Xbox is available now, in black or white.

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